We're looking for area coordinators!

We're looking for area coordinators!

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Urgently Needed: Area Coordinator

Rikolto in Indonesia operates in Denpasar, Bali Province is the regional branch of Rikolto International, an international NGO with more than 40 years’ experience in partnering with farmer organisations and food chain stakeholders across Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America committed to developing sustainable agriculture value chains and food systems.

Rikolto runs programmes in 15 countries worldwide through eight regional offices. We’re a close-knit network of accessible and knowledgeable colleagues, willing to share experience and eager to inspire others.

Rikolto soon will implement a project named “LASCARCOCO” in cooperation with Olam Food Ingredients (OFI). This project will be working in 3 main areas: North Sumatera, South Sulawesi, and East Nusa Tenggara Province. Therefore, we urgently looking for 3 (three) professionals who are interested to work for this project and willing to contribute and grow in the development programme to fill the position as Area Coordinator :

  • 1 Area Coordinator for North Sumatera, based in Simalungun (Code: RAC-NS01)
  • 1 Area Coordinator for South Sulawesi, based in Luwu (Code : RAC-SS02)
  • 1 Area Coordinator for East Nusa Tenggara, based in Flores, Manggarai/Bajawa (Code: RAC-FL03)

Position Overview

The Area Coordinator responsible for the program planning and implementation and outputs in the area align with LASCARCOCO program strategy, donor standards, and local laws. He/she will lead the day-to-day LASCARCOCO programme preparation and execution in the intervention area, including leading to deliver trainings, workshops, and clear guidance to the target of interventions in the area. More, he/she responsible to coordinate monitoring activities in the intervention areas, following the M&E (Monitoring & Evaluation) framework, guideline, and requirements.

Area Coordinator reports directly to the Programme Manager and will have direct supervision to Field Officer(s) in the designated area to ensure the implementation of the programme well executed as planned.

Key Activities

Program Preparations, Planning and Execution:

  • Leading the proper implementation and monitoring of LASCARCOCO programme, mainly training and data collecting at the target of intervention level at his/her designated area of intervention.
  • Contributing and supporting on the planning activities together with Programme Manager and programme team;
  • Coordinating the monitoring of programme activities to ensure the activities are carried out effectively as planned and provide feedback/update to the Programme Manager when any obstacle occurred, this includes the evaluations of field officer performances.
  • Providing updates of information to field officers and appropriate local stakeholders in the area, on matters related to the project innovations, project tools/methodologies, partnership and way of working.
  • Taking the responsibility in the programme operation and it’s administration, supported by field officers.

Monitoring & Evaluation:

  • Execute the M&E activities for the Larcarcoco Programme following the M&E framework for the programme accountability.
  • Regularly seeking advice and provide feedback to the M&E coordinator and Programme Manager in the implementation of M&E system following the tools/method provide by the donor and/or Rikolto.

Reporting & Communication:

  • Provide periodical programme reporting, quantitative and qualitative, according to defined format and timeline of LASCARCOCO programme.
  • Contribute to the regular report, support on communication materials requested by donors, government and within the prescribed deadlines and quality requirements.

Stakeholders Management:

  • Maintain and facilitate discussion (if needed) with local government and other stakeholders in the area.
  • Regularly communicating, coordinating, engaging, and seeking synergy with the local governments and stakeholders and ensuring that the progress report / activities of the programme are regularly delivered to related / required stakeholders.


  • Playing an exemplary role with respect to the values, identity of Rikolto in Indonesia; ensuring compliance with the Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics in order to safeguard its organisational reputation;
  • Closely working as a team towards shared objectives and contribute as well outside the own work field.
  • Collaborate with other respected unit to ensure adequate support for smooth programme operations.


Education & Experience:

  • Minimum bachelor’s degree in Agriculture, Agronomy, Economics, Environmental Sciences, business, or relevant education background.
  • At least 3 years professional experience in rural development, sector development, agricultural development or equivalent.
  • Experience in facilitating and collaborating with farmer group, community, and local governmental agencies/authorities
  • Sound experience and understanding related to Environmental issues especially climate change is expected

Technical Knowledge and Skills:

  • Concept of sustainable landscape management, agriculture and sustainable goal development.
  • Farmer and community development strategies and tools.
  • Gender awareness, climate change and sustainable agriculture development, technologies, business and market facilitation;
  • Monitoring, evaluation & learning tools and methods including database.
  • Knowledge of the coffee/cacao sector and actors in the sector at local level
  • Good proficiency in Bahasa Indonesia and English (in reading, speaking, understanding, and writing).
  • Good reporting skills
  • Willing to travel and to be stationed in the designated areas of the programme
  • Good knowledge of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Office365;

Rikolto preference is recruit resources from the local area/designated province according to the duty station mentioned above.

How to Apply:

Please attach your letter of interest, recent CV and put the position code in your application email to recruitment.id [at] rikolto.org. The application letter must state a minimum salary expectation. Application shall be be received no later than Saturday, 21st January 2023.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Discover more about Rikolto worldwide in our website: www.rikolto.org.