Barokah and TAKTIK receive an achievement award

Barokah and TAKTIK receive an achievement award

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Rikolto’s cooperative partners in Jambi, Barokah and TAKTIK, received an achievement award from the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture for their commitment in developing downstream business activities. This award marks an important milestone for the cooperatives on their journey to build sustainable value chains.

The Head of Barokah Coffee Cooperative Triyono and the Head of TAKTIK Cinnamon Cooperative Madral received the award on the celebration of Plantation Day, on Tuesday (10/12), 2019. Through the award, the Ministry of Agriculture wants to recognise and appreciate farmers and groups shifting to value-addition activities and product upgrading, particularly in their downstream activities.

With the award, Barokah and TAKTIK capped off 2019 with a positive note. In October, Barokah finally made its first specialty Arabica coffee export to Belgium. The cooperative has been able to engage with specialty markets, domestically and internationally. In the same year, TAKTIK has managed to improve its business in 2019 after experiencing business difficulties from 2016 to 2017. TAKTIK has obtained USDA and European Union organic certifications and entered into an agreement with a company to supply 200 tons of cinnamon.

“It takes hard work, determination and clear vision to build TAKTIK. We went through difficulties in the past, and we were able to overcome it because we put extra time and energy to solve the problems. We are glad that it pays off.”

Madral The Head of TAKTIK Cinnamon Farmers Cooperative

Key to this achievement is the adoption of sustainable and inclusive business models in coffee and cinnamon value chains in Kerinci, Jambi through Rikolto’s Payment for Ecosystem Services programme. This programme has created possibilities for product and process upgrading while establishing information flows between all chain actors.

“Barokah and TAKTIK set an example of how sustainable value chains can be profitable due to the collaboration between cooperatives, governments, private sectors, and financial institutions. Rikolto plays a significant role in building bridges between cooperatives and these chain actors.”

Firman Supratman Payment for Ecosystem Curator - Rikolto in Indonesia
We put sustainability at the forefront of business practices. Watch here.

We put sustainability at the forefront of business practices. Watch here.

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